Established in 1991, Wissenschaftsladen Wien - Science Shop Vienna is an independent research institute that performs research in response to needs and demands of non-profit organisations, such as human rights organisations, non-profit service organisations, local authorities and social or environmental initiatives.

The institute realizes research projects, organizes conferences, workshops, working groups and round tables, provides expert's opinions and advises in matters of research and science to contribute to the improvement of working conditions of NGOs/civil society organisations. Research topics mainly derive from requests directed to the institute or are developed together with NGOs/civil society organisations. Among other topics, research focusses on developing participatory methods further to improve their democratic legitimacy. Hence, the Science Shop Vienna stands for not-for-profit research and expertise dedicated to societal challenges and a sustainable way of life.

Regularly, the institute pioneers topics and approaches such as comprehensible stakeholder involvement, transdisciplinary working groups on disability issues, NGO conferences on employment policy and measures, housing-related empowerment, and the situation of student mothers, which are taken up at a later stage by major institutions and political parties.

When needed, the Science Shop can refer to a wide range of cooperation partners specialising in other disciplines such as natural and technical sciences. Hence, a wide range of practically oriented expertise not covered by staff is available.

Supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, the Science Shop is a member of the Living Knowledge Network, the international Science Shop Network, the Federation of Austrian Scientific Societies (VWGÖ), and the Alliance for Responsible Science.


Wissenschaftsladen Wien - Science Shop Vienna
Währinger Straße 59
1090 Vienna
T 0043 (0)670 703 0464

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