Background materials

Here you can find materials such as reports on the topics which served as working materials to give food for thought.

Report on the genSET Consensus Seminars

Between March and June 2010, in three so-called Consensus Seminars high-level representatives of scientific and business communities built a lay panel which released recommendations on how to promote gender equality in research.

The complete Consensensus Report Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science is available as a PDF file at the genSET Website. There you can also find all versions of the Briefing Notes the participants of the Consensus Seminars received. You can download a summary of the recommendations as a PDF file here (2,8 MB).

More information on the Consensus Seminars is available here, at the genSET Website.


Recommended reading: Chapter VI of Knowing and Living in Academic Research. Convergence and Heterogeneity in Research Cultures in the European Context, that is, Ulrike Felt's concluding remarks, in particular the last sub-chapter, Reassembling gender dimensions, pp. 238 - 246.


Going for gender balance

Commissioned by the Council of Europe, Alison E. Woodward published the practical ideas book Going for gender balance. You can download it for free.

Going for gender balance

Briefing paper

This briefing paper provided background information for the workshop.

Briefing Paper (.doc)

Briefing Paper (.pdf)