Who participated?

People from 20 different countries have registered for this workshop: Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

About half of the participants have profound gender expertise, because many participants are actually in charge of the gender equality agenda at their organisations. About half of the organisations having registered already have gender equality strategies, but only about a third actually has a Gender Action Plan. Among the participants we have a 5:1 female to male ratio.

Participating organisations include universities and research centres, academies of science, governmental organisations and public sector bodies, and European scientific associations. Among others,


Additionally we have invited some experts:

The scientific backgrounds of the participants varied strongly, among others, they came from natural, social, and technical sciences and the humanities. Especially in creating Gender Action Plans different science cultures and academic systems can impact on the feasibility of a measure. A broad geographical and scientific diversity benefited the results of the workshop. People from different backgrounds contribute more variety of experiences, they can uncover blind spots in gender policies and come to better solutions that work in the long term. For this reason we invited especially organisations from countries in Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe to participate.